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Kitchen nightmare? We've been there.

Like you, perhaps, we started off as chefs in the kitchen, frustrated and finding it too hot for our liking, literally! And so Culinary Equipment Company was founded by chefs for chefs to source and supply the finest equipment for professional kitchens we could find.

We know that running an effective food business like a hotel, restaurant or catering company is tough. Really tough. When we started Culinary, we'd noticed that many of our problems in our restaurant would be solved if we swapped out equipment with the mindset that anything we added back to the kitchen should be well built, low on energy use and offer some advantage to our business - like improving the lifespan of mise-en-place, or reducing cooking times for our production foods. That way we could ensure that we were always adding value. Seems intuitive, right?

At the same time we also realized that our kitchen was only productive when it was running optimally, and so we built our equipment supply business with after sales service as a priority; good people, training and spares on hand. That's why we operate national technical services for the products we sell. At the same time, having great brands and manufacturing partners makes us confident that we have the capability to stand behind our promises.

The proof is often in the eating. So since we started our company we've operated a fully equipped "demo kitchen" stocked with the ovens, stoves, veg cutters, butchery equipment and more. This space is where we invite our clients to come and touch, feel and experience what Culinary can do for them. We'd love to welcome you to our kitchen someday too - if you come over lunch, why not stay and share a meal with us?

If you've read this far, you may be asking yourself if Culinary is a company that can add value to your business. If you think the answer may be yes then I encourage you to reach out to us.

For over a decade we have offered chefs, hoteliers and restauranteurs products and services to help run their businesses more profitably and efficiently. We'd like to be a partner for your business too.

Stefan Gutstadt

Managing Director,

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