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Salvis Combi Steam Ovens demonstrate huge energy savings at the Durban ICC

When Culinary Equipment Company took on the project to equip Durban ICC, Africa’s Leading Conference Centre, with state of the art Salvis Combi-Steam Ovens, it would prove that no kitchen project is too big for the premium kitchen and catering supplier. The kitchen facilities are now installed with 45 Salvis combi-steam ovens – 20 pan GN 1/1, presumably the largest such installation of ovens in Africa. 

This new installation equips the DICC to serve 7 000 guests in just 10 minutes – a world-class feat! Moreover, the ovens support HACCP and ISO 22000 standards compliance. Each combi-steam oven is programmed with the convention centre’s own recipes and a smart web system to enable downloading of HACCP data to the chef’s office. Culinary Equipment Company in partnership with the Swiss manufacturer brought in the chief technician and training development chef on the project to ensure a smooth and precise installation, and extensive staff training.


The Salvis Combi-Steam Oven is also what most would call a ‘South African kitchen essential’ for its energy-saving technology:

  • A motor reducing energy consumption by up to 65% from start to heating phase.
  • Counter-current heat exchanger reducing energy costs by up to 30%.
  • Vapour condensation reducing water consumption by up to 80%.
  • Switches to energy-saving mode after 15 minutes of inactivity.


DICC executive chef, John Moatshe was very pleased with the success of the project and the performance of the combi steamers which he personally inspected and thoroughly tested. Stating that the Durban ICC was both happy with the sales service of Culinary Equipment Company as well as the ongoing after-sales service contract which had been in place for over three years at the centre.


“It’s been a marathon and truly a prestigious accomplishment as a result of the monumental efforts from all parties involved.” said Culinary Equipment Company MD, Stefan Gutstadt. 


About Culinary Equipment Company

Culinary Equipment Company is South Africa’s leading supplier of premium catering equipment with national representation. With hundreds of projects completed and exclusively representing over 80 world-class brands, it has developed the best practices and expertise in the culinary field: kitchen design, equipment installation, training, and maintenance. 

For additional information, please contact:
Tel: 011 701 2200 


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