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    Nemox Gelato 5K Crea sc Ice cream machine

    Equipped with a sophisticated software which manages its functions. In addition to the normal manual function, the operator has at his disposal: – 4 Specific production programs (Gelato Classico –...

    Nemox Gelato 12K Ice cream machine

    It is a very powerful machine with frontal production extraction system.With the Gelato 12K it is possible to vary the rotation speed ( 60 to 130 rpm) of the mixing...

    Nemox Fantasia buffet lux ice cream storage & display

    Overview Stylish, Accommodating, Portable.Cools 1 L (1 qt) of liquid mixture from 80°C to 8°C in just 20 minutes! Keeps ice cubes perfectly for hours!Cools and maintains wines at the...

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