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Our range of FAEMA machine represents our passion for coffee.
Since the Legendary E61 coffee machine to the latest models, FAEMAs are the perfect instruments through which a barista can interpret his personal passion for coffee.

Our coffee machine range produces excellence in every cup. Ideal for cafés, restaurants, coffee bars and any other coffee service establishments. The machines are extremely eco-friendly with some of the most demanding energy consumption tests yielding them perfect for the energy-conscious age. 
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    Espresso Machine: E71e

    A machine that meets the needs of coffee specialists, while at the same time arousing the interest of every barista. The E71e is designed for those who do not accept compromises on the coffee that they want to offer their customers and for those who do not renounce manual skills and want to interact simply and immediately with the machine.
    Espresso Machine: Prestige - Culinary Equipment Company

    Espresso Machine: Prestige

    The icon from the 70s is available in a new design. Trendy finishing and sides with a distinctive design, enriched with stainless steel panels.
    Faema Enova Automatic Espresso Machine - Culinary Equipment Company

    Faema Enova Automatic Espresso Machine

    Automatic espresso coffee machine equipped with a micro-processor for an easy programming of coffee dosage Faema Enova is a work horse with all the basic functionalities a barista needs to...

    Bean-to-Cup Machine: Automatic

    The compact superautomatic machine that is easy to use and versatile.

    Bean-to-Cup Machine: Single Automatic

    Produces up to 100 beverages per day and able to deliver a complete beverage menu.

    Bean-to-Cup Machine: Automatic

    9 beverage programmes. Brew unit capacity of 18g/1-2 coffee. 

    Coffee Bean Grinder: On Demand M9

    Grinder that works well in any environment producing 50 to 400 doses per day.

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