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Are you building a new restaurant or hotel? Renovating your industrial kitchen? Click here to contact our expert team!
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Kitchen Design

Kitchen Design

Let our Design Team Do the Heavy Lifting

We know kitchens. From big to small, simple to complex.

We offer a comprehensive service for kitchen design. Our kitchens ad simplicity and efficiency to your space.

We care about ergonomics, space use and equipment specification.

Our space planning, equipment integration, services planning and ergonomics considerations are wrapped to meet the needs of your business. 

We believe there is no one-size-fits-all kitchen.

How can we help you?

  • Restaurant Kitchen Design
  • Scullery Design
  • Pizza Station Design
  • Bar Design
  • Front of House Cooking Concepts and Live Cooking
  • Hotel Buffet Design
  • Bulk Catering Facility Design
  • Cold Room Design 
  • Banqueting Facility Design (Central and Satellite Pantries)
  • Dark Kitchen Design

Our Process

  • We work from a brief from you either with your architect or directly with you.
  • We will visit your site and invite you to our offices for consultations and planning sessions.
  • Our architect and sales engineer will devise initial design concepts based on the project need and your budget.
  • The final design is approved by you and equipment is procured for your project.
  • We liaise with your builder or contract during the construction phase to ensure that the kitchen is built correctly to plan.
  • Our project team will install and connect your equipment and support you during go live.


We are usually able to render a project design within 2 weeks from the initial brief. Naturally, this will vary depending on project scope and size.


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