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CSI Initiatives

CSI Initiatives

Headlines from 2017

  • Total Projects / initiatives:  11
  • Total Beneficiaries: +- 1000
  • Total Spend on CSI: R 506 100
  • Total Spend on Learnerships:  R 160 000
  • Total Spend on Staff Nutrition Program: R 350 000
  • Total Spend R 1 016 100


Community Upliftment: Professional Services Pro-Bono

Culinary Equipment Company has tendered services inside with respect to pro-bono architectural services for kitchen design, and the provision of expertise to benefit organizations in the not-for-profit sector, or similar socially invested and community affiliated entities. Our goal is to provide expertise which will result in cost reduction for these beneficiaries and also to expose our staff to broader community upliftment. Our policy objective in this regard is to appraise opportunities which are recommended for pro-bono services based on their net social benefit to the community.

Project: Rhema Hands of Compassion

Kitchen design services for Rhema Church, Hands of Compassion, Soup Kitchen. Rhema’s Social outreach programmes work through Hands of Compassion (HOC). HOC is a Christian community headed by Pastors Alan and Xana McCauley. It all began in February 1987 when they decided to live out their understanding of the full gospel, with emphasis on practical help to those in need.

Project: Baby Moses Sanctuary  Food Donation

The plight of abandoned babies came to our attention in 2002. it is a home for disadvantaged children in Roodepoort. Culinary donated beef goulash, ostrich fillets and other meat.

Industry Upliftment: Investment in the Chefs of the Future

Our passion for the foodservice and hospitality industry is through continued investment in young chefs who are the future of the industry. In light of this, Culinary’s objective is to provide support through active donations of equipment to disadvantaged or not for profit institutions or groups which are aligned with the development of young chefs or similar fields. We appraise opportunities based on the structure and relevance of programs to maximize the net benefits of donations to helping needy beneficiaries to graduate into the food service and hospitality industry.

Project: University Of Pretoria, Kitchens for the Department of Food Sciences

Food Science involves the application of scientific principles in the development and supply of safe, nutritious and affordable food. Food scientists lead the fight against hunger and malnutrition through the development of affordable, nutritious foods.

Project: Jackie Cameron Cooking School

Small culinary arts program school in the Natal Midlands focusing on developing the leading chefs of tomorrow.

Annual Sponsorship of “the Culinary Equipment Company Student of the Year award”.

Project: La Chaine Des Rotisseurs

Annual Young Chefs Competition chefs jackets sponsorship.

Project: SA Chefs Association

Annual sponsorship of initiatives in the association’s young chefs area.

Enterprise development

We focus on enterprise development as a means, where appropriate, of increasing our empowerment supplier and customer base. This may entail investment in black-owned and black-empowered enterprises, as well as establishing joint ventures with these enterprises, including the transfer of necessary skills to increase the value of the business. Each division within Barloworld will set and be monitored against their targets.

Project: Get on Skills Development Coffee Barista school

GetOn Skills Development Centre strives to uplift the community and eradicate poverty through our Socio-Economic Development, Enterprise Development and Skills Development initiatives. We give South Africans a second chance at life, by enabling them to become self-sustainable in order to create strong and happy families.

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