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Hospitals & Elderly Care

We know that catering high-quality food for hundreds of patients, whilst maintaining the stringent hygiene and efficiency requirements of a hospital, hospice or elder care facility are all part of a daily struggle to care for our ill and elderly. With our expertise and after-sales support, Culinary can make your operation smoother and more resource and time efficient.

Equipment with as much stamina as you.

Catering a number of specialised meals for patients requires equipment that can deliver great results every day for years to come. Your kitchen equipment needs to be able to keep pace with you and the growing needs of your patients.

Culinary only sources the finest industrial equipment from leading manufacturers in Europe with a record of durability and serviceability. This means that on the off chance your equipment should fail years down the line, we should be able to repair it with factory original parts.

We've always got your back.

Training on your new equipment? Technical support? Repairs and servicing? Culinary distinguishes itself by not only being an equipment supplier, but an all-around solutions manager.

We go the extra mile to help you make the most of your investments by training your staff and offering support. Our helpline and nationwide support staff are ready and waiting to assist you when and where you need us.

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