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Are you building a new restaurant or hotel? Renovating your industrial kitchen? Click here to contact our expert team!
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Kitchen Design

Kitchen Design

Kitchen Design

Our core business; we know kitchens. From big to small, simple to complex. We offer a comprehensive and extensible list of configurations which are simply and effectively customized to your space. Our space planning, equipment integration, services planning and ergonomics considerations are quickly wrapped to meet the needs of your business; saving you space, cost and gaining efficiencies.


Architectural Design

Our in-house architect can offer high levels of expertise to your nominated project architect, with knowledge of the built-space we are able to fully integrate our solutions into existing shells, or wrap walls and associated service areas around the best-case kitchen plan for your business. Letting your architect concentrate on other core elements of your project, and allowing experts offer you a world-class kitchen solution.


Workstation Ergonomics/Design

For each function there is a station, and for each station there are optimized parameters that make them user friendly, multi-purpose and cost effective. We are passionate about fitting your kitchen’s workstations to their function and users. This makes chefs very happy in the kitchen, and can save you a lot on your bottom line too.

Menu Development/Engineering   

The best menus are simple and fresh, but developing them can certainly be a challenge. Work with our development chefs or food scientists to reach a simple and yet well crafted menu offering to differentiate your brand.

Food Production Systems Design

We’ve built generalized and specialized food production systems for peeling onions to making pancakes and pasta. From small made-to-order environments with moderate levels of automation to full in-line automated production systems. The more complex the requirement, the better.

Capital Budgeting

We offer a variety of capital budgeting services, either for high level budget planning or granular costing of your project. Our capital budgeting deliverable should provide your finance manager with the key insights required to validate your business plan, or to calculate your ROI period.

Equipment Surveys

We are prepared to review, analyse and assist in either new or current equipment analysis. Either to verify electricity consumption and demand requirements, capacity output capabilities, fit-analysis or current maintenance vs. replacement analysis. 

Facility Assessments

Are you seeking to understand your facility better? Sort out a workflow issue that’s hampering your output? Or devising a list of requirements for a renovation or expansion? We can help simplify these questions and offer workable recommendations.


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