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Salvis CucinaEVO Combi-Steamers

Swiss quality and precision for your kitchen. Available in 6-pan, 10-pan and 20-pan configurations, Salvis Combi-Steamers are the perfect solution for conference venues, hotels, industrial kitchens and restaurants alike.

CucinaEVO 10
Workhorse of the production kitchen.

By far our most popular model, these combi-steamers are the cornerstone of some of the world's busiest and most demanding kitchens. For catering, hotel, à-la-carte and banquet cuisine, the large cooking space provides maximum performance combined with accurate cooking and baking results.

The unique flexibility provided by crosswise and lengthwise loading and GBN 2/1 trays provide a real feeling of reliability and delivers a great return from perfect utilisation of the hygienic cooking chambers.

No. of pans 10 x GN 2/1
Variants Pro, Easy
Dimensions (wdh) 980mm x 795mm x 1120mm
Available Accessories Banqueting Solution, Dual-Mounting, Condensation Hood
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CucinaEVO 20
Where precision meets scale.

The most demanding environments require the most precise, reliable and efficient tools. The 20-pan CucinaEVO provides chefs the ultimate in flexibility for conference venues, hotels, cafeterias, bakeries and other large-scale food production operations.

Coupled with the Salvis Pro Control System, scheduling, automation and precision control of cooking and baking conditions becomes a breeze. All of this whilst maintaining excellent energy efficiency and low water consumption helping your business save money and reduce its footprint.
No. of pans 20 x GN 2/1
Variants Pro, Easy
Dimensions (wdh) 1115mm x 875mm x 1925mm
Available Accessories Banqueting Solution, Condensation Hood
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CucinaEVO 6
Compact doesn't have to mean compromise.

Designed with restaurants, B&Bs and other smaller operations in mind, this powerful combi-steamer is designed to maximise space in your kitchen and provide new cooking and baking possibilities for your business.

Incredibly versatile and affordable to run due to their unrivalled efficiency, chefs the world over have found themselves relying more and more on Salvis Combi-Steamers to accomplish their day-to-day cooking and baking tasks.
No. of pans 6 x GN 2/1
Variants Pro, Easy
Dimensions (wdh) 980mm x 795mm x 840mm
Available Accessories Banqueting Solution, Dual-Mounting, Condensation Hood
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Built for Efficiency

State-of-the-art technologies ensure high efficiency despite having twice the cooking chamber size The newly developed EC motor reduces the energy demand by up to 65 % for each starting and heating phase! EcoMode as add-on function Optionally selectable for all cooking processes. Saving of energy costs up to 40 %. Insulated triple-glazed door with infrared reflective coating protects against burns and increases energy efficiency by up to 20%. The integrated counter-current heat exchanger in all QT-Pro models reduces the energy cost by up to 30 % and the water consumption with vapour condensation by up to 80 %. Circulation cleaning saves up to 37 % water.

These optimisations ultimately save you time and money in maintenance and running costs.

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