Bean-to-Cup Machine: Automatic

The compact superautomatic machine that is easy to use and versatile.

Faema Automated Bean-to-Cup

7-inch touchscreen display

FAEMA bean-to-cup 7-inch touchscreen display
• Tempered glass.
• 7-inch touch-screen.
• RGB lights on the supply area.
• Using a USB stick, you can add customised images of drinks, video clips and screen savers.
• Standard bidirectional Wi-Fi connection - remotely communicate which makes updating software, setting recipes and customising background images simple and intuitive.the machine updating. 

Hot Frothed Milk

Milk Frothed Drink
You can enhance your menu with drinks containing coffee, chocolate and hot frothed milk. It allows you to appreciate hot frothed milk as though it was made by an expert: it is a truly unique experience!

Experience in High-Quality Coffee

Faema Automatic Bean to cup machine
Equipped with preheated, completely metal group head, you can achieve outstanding results, even for single-origin and speciality coffee, with a guarantee of consistent extraction over time.




• Superautomatic machine.
Up to 200 cups per day with a guarantee of the highest quality.
• Up to 24 drink selections.
• 2 x Coffee grinders.
• 2 x Coffee bean hoppers.
• 2 x Water selections.
• USB and Bi-directional Wi-Fi.
• Built-in Hot Chocolate System.
• MilkPS system which allows preparing cappuccinos and other fresh milk-based drinks automatically.
• 1 x steam boiler equipped with the Smart Boiler System.
• Preheated metal group head.
• Optimal management of warm milk-based beverages.
• 7-inch touch screen display with a menu of different drinks.
• Customisable images, screen saves
• Customisable video clips and animations to assist a customer



LxDxH (mm) 370x620x762
Dosage Selection Keys 24 = (8x3) (6x4) (4x6)
Hot Water Selection
Hot Water Wand 2
Steam Wand 1
Weight (kg)
Maximum Power (kW) 3.8
Electrical Connection
230V/ 1ph/ 50Hz

Boiler  1
Boiler Capacity (L) 2.6
Heat exchanger capacity (L) 0.25

Coffee dosing grinders 2
Coffee Bean Hoppers 2
Coffee Bean Hopper Capacity (kg) 2 x 1.2


MilkPS System
Smart Boiler
Bidirectional Wi-Fi