BOSS Max - F46 Floor Standing Vacuum machine

The single-chamber, freestanding machine series Max is made up of mobile, ready-to-use units with a wide variety of equipment. The controlled reduction of the oxygen content guarantees safe storage and transport conditions.
The processing of high-quality individual components and our longstanding experience in vacuum technology form the basis for an optimal price-performance ratio.


Z 3000 digital control

  • Z 3000 sensor control with 99 program memories 
    in splashproof design.
  • Quick Stop for handy packaging of liquids
  • Sensor-controlled process control for maximum cost-effectiveness
  • Sensor-controlled gas flush control for consistently 
    high quality
  • Evaporating point recognition for the automatic packaging of liquid products; flexibly adjustable to customer requirements

Further equipment features

  • Alternating current design with 230 V as standard: for flexible connection to any normal socket.
  • Step vacuum function for high-outgassing products
  • Service function: promotes the long life of the machine
    and optimises service intervals
  • Acrylic lid with silicone lip seal and sealing mechanism
  • Initial supply of consumables
    (Teflon tape, sealing wire) included
  • High-quality Busch vacuum pump

Sealing system

  • Double-seam and cut-off sealing as standard,
    excess bag length can be torn off: Germs and unpleasant 
    odours are avoided.
  • Plug-in system for the sealing bars, secure fastening
    without cables.
  • High-pressure sealing, for reliable sealing even with
    thick bag thicknesses 

Chamber and shelves

  • Robust technology in stylish finish made of extremely 
    high-quality stainless steel
  • Optimal cleaning, designed according to HACCP guidelines
  • Insertion plates for level adjustment, stylish finish
    with rounded corners made of
    food-grade PE materials
  • Stainless steel tilting lid
  • The lid opens upwards



Internal dimensions : 650 x 475 x 210 mm
Sealing bar : 460 mm 
Vacuum pump : 25 m3 /h or 63 m3 /h
Weight : 130 kg or 150 kg 
Connection : 3 phases, 230 V / 400 V, 50 Hz (Special voltages upon request)