Brunner Anliker GSM 5 Vegetable Slicer

The ideal vegetable slicing machine with up to approx. 300 servings and up to 50 different slicing options for restaurants, catering, cruise ships, offshore oil rigs, army, associations, institutions and hospitals.

Product advantages

  1. Output of up to 150 kg/h
  2. Cutting attachment made of solid cast stainless steel
  3. Drawing cut prevents the loss of nutrients and vitamins and ensures the cut products stay fresher for longer
  4. Approx. 50 different slicing options
  5. World first – antimicrobial and HACCP-friendly cutting discs made from glas fibre composite
  6. No risk of oxidation and deformation of the discs in the dishwasher
  7. Simple, switchless operation
  8. Optimum user comfort thanks to ergonomically correct 45-degree position
  9. Maintenance-free and service-free induction motor and gear unit

    Technical data

    Voltage 100 V bis 240 V, 50/60 Hz
    Motor 0,26 kW
    Weight 23 kg
    Protection class IP 26 (gushing water)
    Dimensions 250 x 315 x 540 mm
    Certifications CE, UL, NSF, HACCP