Copper Cleaner: Copperbrill

Restores the brilliant shine of your copper cookware. Mauviel's Copperbrill Cleaner gently cleans and helps restore and maintain the original lustre of your copper cookware pieces


Mauviel Copperbrill Cleaner

Copper is a "soft metal"making it the best heat-conducting metal of all metals.

Copper requires a little more care than most other cookware. While it is okay to let the copper exterior darken with age (otherwise known as "patina" or "verdigris"). A quality polish is recommended to maintain its warm glow.

Cleaning the inside of unlined copper is essential. To remove any verdigris on an unlined pan, use a vinegar-salt solution or rub it with lemon sprinkled with salt. Rinse and dry the pan.

If you have an iron-handled pan, rust on the handle may be scrubbed (a light gauge steel wool works well) off and then lightly oiled.

It's not advised to use a dishwasher for washing copper cookware due to the harsh chemicals used in some dishwashers that could shorten the life span of your cookware.

Never use cleaners containing bleach to clean copper cookware - bleach is corrosive and will cause your cookware to pit.


Using Copperbrill you can clean your copper without effort. There are two different options for cleaning your copper cookware:

• To maintain a shiny surface, clean after every use with Copperbrill cleaner
• To create a nice patina of copper, well appreciated by professionals, clean occasionally with Copperbrill cleaner.

Copper will naturally darken without regular polishing. But any time, you can use Copperbrill cleaner to recover the original shiny surface.