Copper: Oval Roasting Pan

For roasting meats(chicken, turkey etc) and vegetables, this copper and stainless-steel roaster performs as beautifully in the oven. 


Mauviel Copper Oval Roasting Pan

The copper allows for unsurpassed heat conductivity and control, and the stainless steel interior is ideal for all daily cooking needs. 
Bronze handles with an aesthetic difference that meets the style for each cook.

The M’heritage collection represents the total experience and heritage of Mauviel 1830, and is used by professionals and household cooks throughout the world.

 Mauviel Copper Oval Roaster -Culinary Equipment Company




• Made in France since 1830.
• Copper heats much faster, cools much faster than any other metals and offers superior cooking control.
• Copper offers superior heat conductivity. Stainless steel interior is hard-wearing, non-reactive, ideal for all types of cooking activities



• Ø30cm, H4cm 
• Tri-ply roasting pans (polished copper exterior, aluminium, 18/10 stainless steel interior).
• Superior durability: 1.5mm thickness. 
• Non-reactive: 18/10 stainless steel interior preserves the taste and nutritional qualities of foods and is easy to clean - no re-tinning.
• Bronze handles. Are traditional and substantial. Offer a very comfortable grip and good balance.
• Can be used on gas, electric on gas, electric, halogen stovetops, and in the oven. It can also be used on induction stovetops with Mauviel induction stove top interface disc (sold separately).


Use and Care Instructions

Before first use and after use, carefully wash your pot/pan with hot soapy water then rinse and dry.


• All M'héritage products are designed for use in the oven.
• Only add salt to your pan once the water has boiled.
• Never overheat an empty pan, this can lead to irreparable damage.
• Always cook over low to medium heat.
• Over time, copper can change colour through use, however, this will not change the conductivity of the copper material.
• When cooking on gas, the flame never goes beyond the base of the pan.


• Never clean your Mauviel pot/pan with bleach. This can lead to irreparable damage.
• If food sticks to the inside of your pot/pan, soak it with hot soapy water.
• To restore the shinny copper surface to your Mauviel pot/pan, use our Copperbrill cleaner.