CPS Professional Dynamometric Tamper With Handle

The dynamometric MACAP with CPS device (Constant Pressure System) is the answer to the needs of the professional barista of constant pressing of the ground coffee in the filter holder. With the movement of a mechanical lever the tamper automatically applies an even and lever pressure to the coffee in the filter holder’s basket.

Advantages of the CPS Professional:
- Simplified employee training and education and reduction of the chance of error while tamping;
- The guarantee of always getting a constant pressing;
- The guarantee to offer customers an espresso with a recognizable consistency.

General Instructions:
- CPS Professional has been designed for professional use only and hence must only be used by trained personal, familiar with this operations.
- The percolation time of the espresso machine has to be based on the specific used tamper: 
- Each dose of coffee has to be pressed one time only: before using the machine, carefully read the following instructions.

How to use CPS Professional:
- Place the machine on a proper surface, near the espresso machine;
- Place the filter holder with the proper amount of ground coffee (single or double) on the fork.
- Operate the lever to allow the pressing unit to gently go down on the coffee. It is mandatory to do this operation without placing anything between the tamper and the filter holder.
- Pull down the lever until you feel the release of internal components and then carefully pull the lever back.

to ensure the correct functioning of the CPS Professional, it is advised that the machine is cleaned out daily, in particular taking care of the piston and of the tamper surface area.
The machine should be cleaned using a dry cloth to avoid the formation of coffee residues which could compromise the machine’s functions and the quality of the espresso coffee.

The mechanical components are made with hardened metal to allow repeated actions. It is therefore necessary to carry out a machine maintenance every 500.000 actions to replace the worn components: O-rings, spheres and springs.
This should be done by trained personnel, so it is recommended not to open by yourself the piston, designed to be replaced as a unit.

Instructions for the setting of the CPS handle:
With the continuous use of the machine, you may notice a reduction of the rod return force, in such case make the adjustment as follows:
1. Unscrew anticlockwise the insert C using a 3mm hexagonal wrench;
2. With the same wrench screw out the insert B for a half turn. At the same tie, use a slot screwdriver to offer resistance to the tension regulator A (so the internal screw does not return in rest position);
3. Set the spring winding turning anticlockwise the tension regulator A to boost the winding (turn it clockwise to reduce it). The adjustment has to be minimum to avoid and abrupt an noisy handle return.
4. Once ended the winding adjustment, close firmly the insert B constantly griping the slot screwdriver. Finally screw the insert C to prevent insert B from unscrewing by vibrations while using the machine.