Debag Dila Shop Baking Oven

Master of efficiency: heats up quickly, economical consumption and cleaning.

Our DILA models can easily be adapted to changing requirements – from bake-off to professional baking systems. There is also a great choice of features: e.CLEAN.SYSTEM®, radial or high-efficiency steaming, oven networking as well as loading systems and convenient TOUCH control are optionally available. 

  • rapid heating, quick start
  • automatic cleaning e.CLEAN.SYSTEM® (optional)
  • quick clean surface for easy cleaning of the baking chamber
  • radial fan and high-efficiency steaming
  • oven networking via FilialNET
  • quick loading and easy Operation - loading system and convenient controls
  • optimal illumination of the baking chamber thanks to economical LED lighting
  • soft close automatic door lock