Debag Helios Baking Oven with Prover 4060/3

The craftsman - traditional baking on a stone slab with static baking atmosphere.

Baking on a stone slab has always been a sign of a quality craft. HELIOS features evenly radiated heat and a static baking atmosphere. The integrated steam generator can be controlled individually for each stove to give you direct influence on the character of the baked goods. Up to five stoves can be stacked. HELIOS is optionally available as a retro variant in black stainless steel or as a combination with our DILA model.

In addition to the previous baking chamber interior height of 160 mm, all HELIOS sizes are available with a height of 200 mm. Both can be variably combined with each other up to 5 ovens for a Maximum of flexibility even for tall baked goods.
The oven is now also available with a longitudinal slot (HELIOS 6080).


  • powerful individual stove steaming
  • networking option – operation from the office
  • even static heat through radiated heat – strong, very good oven proving, bakery products do not dry out
  • top and bottom heat individually adjustable
  • glass door opens inwards – does not protrude into the workspace
  • also available in black stainless steel (textured metal, extremely scratch resistant)
  • up to 5 stoves can be stacked
  • oven networking via FilialNET


DEBAG product  marks:
  • Technology 
  • made in Germany
  • Sustainability: e.CLEAN.SYSTEM©
  • Elegant appearance and ergonomic design
  • Low energy consumption
  • Excellent baking results