Espresso Machine: E71e

A machine that meets the needs of coffee specialists, while at the same time arousing the interest of every barista. The E71e is designed for those who do not accept compromises on the coffee that they want to offer their customers and for those who do not renounce manual skills and want to interact simply and immediately with the machine.


Faema E71e Espresso Machine


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 Faema E71e Coffee Machine Beauty - Culinary Equipment Company



• GTi Thermal System.
• New Interface with OLED Display.
• New steam wands with adjustable height.
• Adjustable pressure setting.
• New portafilters.
• Smart Boiler Technology.
• Green Machine.
• USB Port.
• Bluetooth.
• Wi-Fi Connectivity to receive performance a technical stats data.

faema e71e steam wands icon

New Steam Wands 

New long, articulated cold-touch steam wands have been designed to improve the machine’s ergonomics.


Adjustable pressure setting icon

Pump pressure with external adjustment (on the
side of the machine) for quick and independent
manual calibration by the barista. It can be
customised according to the type of coffee used.

E71E Hot water wand ICON

Hot water wand

The telescopic hot water wand guarantees
greater flexibility of use. The water supply system for infusions and tea can be customised and can have up to three temperature settings and two for dosing.

Faema E71e Patented Faema GTI heating system icon

Patented Faema GTI heating system

The FAEMA E71e features a hydraulic circuit with
a GTi heating system that guarantees perfect control
of infusion times: a perfect combination for simultaneously ensuring high thermal stability and enhancement of each coffee’s sensory profile.

Faema e71e

Control Panel

Electromechanical pushbutton panel with 3
or 5 backlit buttons for intuitive, immediate and ergonomic interaction with the machine.
The OLED displays show the group temperature as well as the infusion and dispensing times

Faema E71e New spray heads icons

New spray heads

The Faema E71e is fitted with demountable spray heads, which are attached with screws to make them easier to remove and to improve daily cleaning operations.

Faema E71E Range steam lever ICON

Range steam lever

The steam lever with manual and modular management features a purge system and gradual opening, offering baristas two locking steps: 50% and 100%.



LxDxH (mm)  794x619x484
Group 2
Steam Wands 2
Hot Water Wands & Selection
1+3 temp
Hot Water Boiler Capacity (L) 7
Independent Coffee Boilers
Capacity of each coffee boiler (L)
Electrical Cup Warmer
3 temp
Weight (kg) 77
Power (W) 6200 - 7400
Electrical Connection

230V/ 1ph/ 50Hz
400V/ 3ph/ 50Hz