Faema E61 Jubilee Automatic Espresso Machine

Faema E61 is the legendary espresso machine designed in 1961. This is where it all started for espresso machines for Faema and any other brand. E61 is the first machine to use a volumetric pump to give the water the ideal 9-atmosphere pressure and keep the pressure constant during the whole extraction process, unlike lever machines.

An automatic boiler fill, a built in volumetric pump, two pressure gauges, to control the pump and the boiler pressure, and the adjustable thermal balancing system (Faema patent). E61 is available in the semi-automatic version “Legend” and in the automatic one “Jubilé”, which features dosed hot water and beverage selections.Furthermore in E61 Legend, thanks to the preinfusion system, the extension of the contact time between the water and the ground coffee before extraction favours optimal extraction when it comes to the organoleptic properties of the espresso.Besides the classy and retro look, the Faema E61 is fully packed with quality features that will no let you down.