Ice-cream & Gelato Maker: 3L

Processes up to 800/1000g of mixture in 30-35 minutes. Most compact stainless steel gelato machine with automatic STORAGE FUNCTION developed for small businesses.  

Automatic Ice-cream & Gelato Maker: 3L


• Prepares your gelato and, when ready, it automatically stores it in the machine, and keep it at the right temperature as long as needed.
• The software allows to detect the density of your gelato. When the preparation has reached a determined consistency, the software automatically stops the mixing motor and switches to storage mode.
• A single touch allows starting the production of gelato, ice cream, frozen yogurt , sorbet, granita.



• You can process up to 850/1000g of mixture in 30-35 minutes, using the fixed bowl or the handy removable bowl; both made of 18/10 stainless steel.
• The machine’s operation is very flexible, it can be used in fully automatic or manual mode.
• Comes with a large 2 Lt. capacity AISI 304 stainless steel removable bowl.




LxDxH (mm)
Max production/hour (kg) 1.7
Max ingredients 850 g
Production per cycle 850-1000g every 30-35 minutes
Weight (kg) 15.4
Power (kW) 0.2
Electrical Connection 230V/ 1ph/ 50Hz