Ice-cream & Gelato: Toppings Buffet

A system for preserving ice creams and sorbets for over 2 hours, keeping them at the perfect serving temperature without electricity!

Ice-cream & Gelato Topping Buffet



Stylish, Accommodating, Portable:
• Cools 1L of liquid mixture from 80°C to 8°C in just 20 minutes. Keeps ice cubes perfectly for hours.
• Cools and maintains wines at the ideal temperature.

Perfect on a buffet table: to keep fruit, vegetables, and cheeses, butter, margarine, yogurt, fruit salad, fresh fruit etc. sparkling fresh.

Comes with:
• 3 x 1.5L bowls/containers.
• 3 x ice-cream spatulas.
• 3 x ice-cream holders.
• AISI 304 stainless steel supporting frame.
• Drip tray.



• It is hermetically sealed double-lined containers.
• In the space between one lining and the other there is a exclusive formula liquid which, if placed in a deep freeze for 8-12 hours, accumulates frigories which it then releases gradually over the next two hours and more.
• During this period, ice cream can be kept at an average temperature of -12°C.
• If you want to conserve other foodstuffs at slightly higher temperatures, all you have to do is reduce the time the containers spend in the freezer.




LxDxH (mm)
Hermetically sealed double-lined containers 4
Storage capacity (L) 3 x 1.5L
Weight (kg) 12.4