Juice Extractor

High-performance Fruit & Vegetable Juice Extractor. Built for the daily use right in front of the customer: in bars, restaurants, coffee-shops, tearooms, hotels, homes, clinics and diet kitchens.


Fruit & Vegetable Juicer



Power & Efficient:
• 2 x speeds
• Continuous pulp ejection.

Indisputably hygienic and easy to clean:
• Lid, juice collecting bowl, centrifugal basket and grating disc are made of dish washer safe polished stainless steel.
• Grating disc can be replaced easily.

High quality design, silent:
• Motor housing is also made of polished stainless steel.
• The support for the juice collecting bowl is made of high-grade, noise-absorbing plastic material.
• Heavy duty, ventilator cooled high power motor.
• The plunger is made of unbreakable hard-polyethylene.

No danger despite high speed:
• A protective switch prevents the motor from overloading and overheating.
The solid lid is secured with a safety clasp assembly.

• Conforms to the international IEC standards, fulfilling also the requirements of the NSF (food-hygiene).


Fruit & Vegetable Juicer Characteristics:

Juice extractor feeding tube

Polished stainless steel lid

Big, round feed tube of Ø80 mm, for high throughput and easy cleaning.
Juice extractor Robust centrifugal basket

Robust centrifugal basket

Made entirely of stainless steel.
Juice extractor safety lid clasp

The solid lid is secured with a safety clasp assembly.

By opening the , the motor stops immediately. The power supply will be interrupted and the built-in brake stops the centrifugal basket within seconds. Any danger of injury from rotating parts can be avoided

Juice extractor Continuous Pulp injection

Continuous pulp ejection

The machine separates the juice and the pulp excellently because of the perfect sealing system.




LxDxH (mm)
Speed (RPM) 5500 - 7200
Round Feed Tube (mm) Ø80
Weight (kg) 7.6
Power (kW) 0.6 continuous/1.1 peak
Electrical Connection 230V/ 1ph/ 50-60Hz