Juice Extractor: Maxi

High volume, high performance fruit and vegetable juicer.  Rotates substantially faster than other commercial juicers. For this reason the unit has a better juice yield and works quicker.

Maxi Fruit and Vegetable Juicer



• 2 x electronically speed levels (a lower one for soft fruit and a higher one for hard fruits and vegetables).
• High juice yield and productivity.
• Powerful high-speed motor. 
• Includes large pulp container holds 12 Litres.
• Includes Plunger made of solid, impact-resistant rigid polyethylene.
• Easy to clean.
• Very robust and quiet.
• The juicer meets the international CE standards


Safety System

• The power supply cuts out when lid is opened.
• The spinning basket is furthermore solidly screwed to the drive shaft.
• A solid device circuit breaker protects the motor from overload and overheating.




Fruit & Vegetable Juicer Characteristics:

Fruit Juicer quiet motor - Culinary Equipment Company Robust motor base with very quiet drive
Rotor Fruit and Vegetable Juicer Machine round funnel

Version R with round funnel

This allows rapid processing of soft and round fruits (for example apples, pears or peeled oranges).

Fruit and Vegetable Juicer machine semi-circular funnel - Culinary Equipment Company

Version H semi-circular funnel

For smaller or harder fruits and vegetables, such as carrots. The reduced funnel cross-section makes the required expenditure of energy lower and the processing time shorter.

Juicer machine 1-piece catch container made of stainless steel

1-piece catch container

Made of stainless steel.

Fruit and vegetable juicer machine - Robust spinning basket, completely stainless steel

Robust spinning basket

Mad of stainless steel.
Juicer pulp container - Culinary Equipment Company

12 Litre pulp container

The pulp container supplied with the unit is made of high-quality break-resistant plastic and has a capacity of 12 litres.

The pomace (solid remains of fruit/vegetable) is automatically ejected directly into the large container.




LxDxH (mm)
Processing Capacity (kg/h) Depending on the product, up to approx. 200 kg apples or 150 kg carrots per hour
Speed (RPM) 5000 - 5600
Round Feed Tube (mm) Ø80
Weight (kg) 16.5
Power (kW) 0.9 continuous/1.6 peak
Electrical Connection 230V/ 1ph/ 50-60Hz