Krampouz Electric Waffle Maker

This waffle iron model is used for heating pre-cooked or frozen waffles.

Homogeneous distribution of heat, cooking power, the reliability and robutness of our machines, Krampouz waffle makers benefit from wide range of shapes ans sizes of waffle irons to cater for all recipes : Belgian waffles, Liège waffles, heart-shaped and round waffles... 

Easy Clean System
90° opening for heating or defrosting waffles
Compact size to save space
Heating Element Pack technologie for perfect heat diffusion


• Stainless steel frame
• Protected controls
• Cast steel irons approved for use with food
• Drip tray waste recovery
• On/off switch built into the control button
• Power light
• Heating indicator
• Heat insulation of the element
• EC power supply lead for 240 V ~ 16-amp socket