Salvis Deep Fat Fryer Easy Model

The Easy line is available in various sizes as floor mounted or built-in model, with different connected loads. This enables to the customers the selection of the most valuable variation of Deep Fat fryer according to the needs and requirements.
The Easy line is obtainable on order with the oil- / fat pump and filtration system

Easy handling. Best product quality. Highest profitability.

Floor mount and built-in models. Single pan deep fat fryers in 200 / 300/
400 mm length. Dual pan deep fat fryer in 400 mm length

  • High capacity
    – Fully automatic programs
    – Superior average output
    – Programmable oil-/fat lifecycle control
  • Functional
    – Automatic and gentle fat melting cycle during preheating time
    – Standardised timer functions depending on model
    – Four pre-set temperature- and time programs depending on model
  • Versatile
    – Optional basket lifting device for the Pro models
    – Optional oil-/fat pump system
    – Versions with one or two pans
    – Floor mounted or built-in units
    – Different connected loads
    – Optional mobile: Adjustable legs in the front, castors on the rear side (Not for the Model SFR 21)

The benefits at a glance:

  • 2 different types of control panels with keypads
  • Seamless deep drawn pan with large scaled radii
  • Swivelling flat-tube heating element
  • Electronic temperature sensor integrated into the heating element
  • Integrated oil- / fat filtration system
  • Extricable oil- / fat collection pan
  • AQA – automatic quantity adjustment / Salvis-Fryline Pro

All Salvis-Fryline deep fat fryers have passed the ENAK test and guarantee efficient and rational use with regard to economy and ecology.

Salvis Eco Technology