Slow Juicer

Stainless steel Slow Juicer extracts the maximum quantity of juice without compromising the nutritional values of the ingredients. It is the most powerful and efficient on the world market; ideal for professional kitchens to prepare large quantities of juices to be kept in jars or in bottles.


Slow Juicer



• It is based mechanical force and not on speed as for the juice extractors.
• Extracts juice in big quantities. 
• Nutritional value of fruit and vegetables remain intact.
• Equipped with double stainless steel Auger.
• Silent operation.
• High performance.
• Durable Stainless steel body and parts.
• Energy efficient.
• Easy disassembly of four main parts for easy cleaning and maintenance.


Slow Juicer double stainless steel auger - Culinary Equipment Company
Double stainless steel auger 


​Designed to work with:

 Slow Juicer Fruits - Culinary Equipment Company
Slow juice small fruits - Culinary Equipment Company
Small Fruits
Slow juicer leafy greens - Culinary Equipment Company
Leafy Greens and herbs
Slow juicer seeds - Culinary Equipment Company
Seeds & Grains




LxDxH (mm)
Feeding Hole (mm) Ø77
Speed/Tours (RPM) 45
Weight (kg) 43
Power (kW) 0.75
Electrical Connection 230V/ 1ph/ 50-60Hz